Influenza Vaccinations are now available

Those eligible for free flu vaccinations are: all children aged more than 6 months and less than 5 years all Aboriginal and Torres Strait islanders aged 15 years and over people aged 6 months and over with medical conditions predisposing to severe influenza all pregnant women all...

Glenda’s 20 years at The Cottage

It has been 20 years since Glenda started work at The Cottage. She has been a loyal, helpful, friendly and cheerful member of staff. She is responsible for the lovely decorations at Christmas, Easter and Valentines day.  She brings a personal touch to the practice. We are very...

Family Doctor week : 23 – 29 July 2017

AMA Family Doctor week highlights the role of GPs and their value in the community and the health system as they deliver high-quality holistic health care.

Influenza Vaccines now available

Free influenza vaccinations are now available for those at high risk and over age 65 – please ring for an appointment. Influenza (the flu) is caused by a virus. The flu is more than just a bad cold and can occasionally lead to serious complications, including death....

Prebooked Saturday appointments are now available

Dr Amanda Cox will be working alternate Saturday mornings from 1 April and will take pre-booked appointments. Please call 9948 3768 or book online for an appointment.

Manly Inflatable Boat race

In 2017, staff from The Cottage entered in the Manly Inflatable Boat Race which raised money for cancer research. While we did not win, we feel we have promoted healthy living with sunscreen, exercise and laughter!

Bircher Museli

A delicious and healthy start to your day. Ingredients: 2 cups rolled oats 2/3 cup orange juice 1 cup apricot-flavoured reduced fat yoghurt 1 cup reduced fat yoghurt 2 tablespoons honey 1 cup sultanas 1/2 cup slivered almonds 1 cup (try a mixture of bananas, apples and berries)...

Register for My Health Record

My Health Record is a secure online summary of your health information. You can control what goes into it, and who is allowed to access it. You can choose to share your health information with your doctors, hospitals and other healthcare providers. For more information, please...

Hearty Vegetable Soup

Ingredients: 1 onion, chopped 1/2 cup macaroni 2 carrots, chopped 300 g pumpkin, peeled and chopped 1 large zucchini, chopped 4 stalks celery, chopped 4 cups vegetable stock 1 400g can chopped tomatoes 1 teaspoon dried oregano 2 cloves garlic, finely chopped 1 X 300g can butter...

After Hours Service

The Cottage Surgery can provide 24 hour medical care. The surgery is open 8am-6pm on Mondays to Fridays and 8am-12pm on Saturday mornings. After hours, we have a locum service which can provide doctor house calls to you at home on 13 74 25